Phoenix is a shoot-em-up game for many systems including Texas Instruments calculators. This guide deals with the TI-83+ version.

To win the game, you must beat a certain number of levels. Most players accomplish this by killing everything as fast as they can, and upgrading shields at every opportunity...a strategy was devised by Kevin Yang, for players of intermediate skill to beat it. It consists of the following order.

Beating levels 1-4 with at least 1/5 of your shields remaining for level 5. You do not buy any weapons, upgrades, or shields. There is an option where you can buy weapon 2 to help you out, however, that could result in failure of the strategy. If all goes well, you should have accumulated enough money by the end of level 4 to buy the 5th weapon. Without dying, you must beat level 5 and upgrade your shields afterwards.

Game Concepts edit

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Enemies edit

Levels edit

Level 1- 2 series of enemies followed by a boss. First two series have 6 columns and 3 rows of enemies. The enemies fire straight down. Each enemy can be killed with two shots. The boss only one row of enemies. Behind them is a boss that scrolls from side to side and shoots in your ships direction.

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