Philosophy of Religion/What is the nature of the divine?

What is the nature of the divine?

This very question the way it is posed takes away all the divinity that might otherwise be there! So long as one looks at the nature of the divine as something that is objectively comprehensible, they will never ever know, nor there anything left of divine to know! So long as you sit on the banks and try to measure the temperature, you will never know how hot or cold the water is. How deep or shallow the river is. Just take out all the clothing paraphernalia and jump right in, get immersed in. Once fully in, what cold or what heat! You should neither feel it, nor care any more to know it. You will realize that you just know that you already knew. So also take out all the adornments that we put on by habit. Drop all I, me, mine, he she, it and lose yourself into the divine. Once you are fully in, there remains nothing to be known, even the divinity that we started out to find. You will know that you, as if you were remaining as you, will know that you were ever divine even before knowing. Before you jumped in, while jumping in and after jumping in. And if only you could stay there in divinity, you can come right back out while still staying steady back there!

So what is the nature of divinity? Hmm! So you still want to sit on the banks then! So be it!