Philosophy of Religion/Miracles


The moment we utter this word, we long left the realm of spirituality and strayed way deep into the jungle thickets of blind religion! After all what is a miracle? A miracle is one which defies normality. Make clouds rain gold coins. God forbid lest someone's head might bleed but that's a miracle! Make a goat lay a man. Of course miracle! Some miracles may not be funny and may even be very conducive to harmony and peace as well, like, say reviving the victims of a car crash or even a tsunami. These are no doubt miracles.

Now let us say, we do find someone who could do such inexplicable things. What is in it for us? That someone could do, but not you! One might say, "sir, that solidifies my faith in him!". Hmm! If the one who is capable of these things, why does he care a hoot for your meagre and/or stupid faith? He can create the faith if he so desires! The counter could be, "He did all these to lift my soul higher".

YES, here we come to the crux of the problem. What we are saying is, "God, first show me a miracle, then I will see if the miracle is good enough of your power to submit to you or not!" My goodness! So we want to test the Lord! So miracle is the test for the Lord to garner support of the decadent lot! So Lord is such a cheap magician dying for our popularity!

And some religions even go out of their way to declare somebody a saint, who might already be very noble otherwise. And they do this most of the time after the person died. Or such a noble person may never accept to such stupidity. So let the person die first. Then resurrect him as a saint! Or kill him yet another time! And to qualify to be a saint, the person must have done at least a couple of miracles! Otherwise he can't be MADE the saint, even if he were one already! He must have sneezed an ounce of silver or vomited pound of gold! If one is such a great miraculous person, what does a stupid title of sainthood bestow on him extra anyway? A live miraculous person will never care. And nor does a dead one either! So who cares? The ones assuming the charge of making the kings! So they patiently wait the real saint to die first. They had to! And then do their bidding! Stupid religiosity.

But the greatest miracle is to be able to know that you can't know the God but know Him anyway to be no different from yourself or anyone to the extent there is no you or anyone, but just Him that is It and She! Knowing God is knowing everyone as no different from oneself. This is most rarest and most toughest miracle of all! The person who can do this miracle is a saint without the need of any titles whatsoever! While being alive or while being dead, for such a He is never alive nor dead!