Philosophy of Religion/God's will and obedience

God's will and obedience!

There are three nouns and a conjunction here! To understand this whole sentence, if it is one, we shall understand each one of them first and then juxtapose them as proposed and see if they make any sense in that order.

First noun is God.To understand this concept (Yes, it is just a concept of one's mind of something that doesn't fit in any mind!), one take a look at Does God exist? or Creator/destroyer

Now let us come to His will. If one understood God from the above references, then one would know his will too! You will realize that God and His will are not two separate and different things, and nor God stands apart from you like an object, a vacuum cleaner or a hammer or something else! So god's will is a funny meaningless expression, something like Ocean's wave! How self-standing and how extraneous is wave of an Ocean? So is the will of God.

Now comes the problematic word obedience! Now who obeys whom, when there are no two entities? Neither god, nor you but just One, the God, just You! So obedience is a meaningless word in this context. When understanding matures, what remains is mere execution of harmonious actions without appropriation of the outcomes to one's own self. There neither should or will remain a sense of ownership in doing, nor an expectation of any particular outcome for one's effort, but will be accompanied by a gracious acceptance of whatever finally transpires. The calmness and the serenity that is never lost even in that commotion of intense effort is the best possible meaning for obedience. And if one wants to call that obedience, yes, that could be the best befitting definition to this last piece of the puzzle.

At the end we come to and. This word is for dramatization, that falls out of the thinking that something exalted being stated in the sentence, while in reality whole thing never made any sense!

Now go back to the sentence and contemplate. You will know the meaning!