Philosophy of Religion/Can God be known?

Can God be known?

Very deep question indeed! At least that’s how it sounds! Let us see.

Where does this question rest the real power in? In the person capable of knowing the God? Or in the object called God that will be known? If God is something that can be known, like any other object that can be known, who has more power? The one who is capable of knowing anything and everything, including the god himself or the knowable god? The answer should be obvious. The knower.

But isn't the God supposedly the most powerful? Or is he something too powerless an object that could be known? We know that the knower is the more powerful than the known. So should we not know that the knower could be the God Himself that might be known? If the knower is the God, your, me or anyone can know themselves? Let us see this one.

Can I know myself? O ya, I bloody well know me! I have no doubts about myself! I am a Tom, a Dick or a Harry, after all! But if I am just a and mere a Tom, a Dick or a Harry, I am no God! I remain just a wretched Tom, a wretched Dick or a wretched Harry! That is all, nothing more nothing less! Just a name of some wretched form!

Now let us see what is that which usually does the knowing? The mind complex, the intellect or the internal consciousness or whatever you call it. But don’t we know our thoughts and mind is just thoughts? Yes. So they are still relegated to the field of our objectivity and hence inferior to us. So I must be distinct from mind. So if we drop the mind, we stand bare naked with an innate sense of I. Then drop that one too, into a homogenous sense of absence of multiplicity. That is something even God can't describe! After all even God can't know Himself!!! But why should He anyway! Is that a deficiency for Her to not to be able to know Him? Why should It know? What else is there to know in that homogeneity anyway!

Whatever remains is the Knower that knows everything without needing to know anything since there is nothing else to know! And by the way, what might be the gender of the knower? He, She or It? He knows Itself to know that She can’t know Himself!

So can God be known? Isn’t that a hollow question?