Philippine History

Philippine History

Welcome to this book on the history, culture, tradition and government of the Philippines from ancient times until the present day.

Table of contents

Flag of the Philippines

Unit 1: Prehistory and Ancestral Heritage

  1. Prehistory
  2. Before The Coming of Spanish Colonialists

Unit 2: The Spanish Colonial Era

  1. The Spanish Conquest
  2. The Impact of Spanish Rule
  3. The Disunited Resistance
  4. The Propaganda Movement
  5. The Philippine Revolution
  6. The Spanish-American War

Unit 3: The American Colonial Era

  1. The Philippine-American War
  2. American Rule
  3. The Commonwealth of the Philippines

Unit 4: The Philippines in World War II

  1. The Japanese Invasion
  2. The Japanese Occupation
  3. The Liberation

Unit 5: The Modern-Day Philippines

  1. The Third Philippine Republic
  2. The Recognition of the Tao
  3. The Year of Discontent
  4. The Marcos Dictatorship
  5. The EDSA Revolution & the Fifth Republic
  6. The New Tiger of Asia
  7. EDSA II and III
  8. Contemporary Philippines


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