Phabricator Administrator's Handbook/Herald

Herald is a Phabricator component designed to trigger actions if some rules are matched.[1]

All the available Herald Rule types
Herald rule created to run a Build Plan after every commit.

Read the Herald Official Documentation to learn some basic characteristics.

Here some frequently asked behaviors.

Block a commitEdit

Herald can be configured to block a commit before reaching your repository. For example it be useful to:

  • avoid to accidentally disclosure sensitive data (SSH private keys, API tokens, etc. you know)
  • avoid to accidentally version binary files (.war, .apk)
  • respect some policies, like blocking short commit messages[2]

Herald types suitable for this kind of rules:

  • Commit Hook: Commit Content: can react on commit message and contents etc.
  • Commit Hook: Branches/Tags/Bookmarks: for other cases, the origin of the request etc.

Run a Build PlanEdit

See also: Phabricator Administrator's Handbook/Continuous integration

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  1. The Herald component can be found searching Herald in the Phabricator search box or visiting
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