Perl Programming/Exercise 1

Getting started, displaying textEdit

Task: Create a Perl program which displays "Hello world" and then exits.


print "Hello world";

Displaying numbersEdit

Try doing these few excercises yourself

  • Put the number 4000/7 into a variable, and display it on screen.
  • Adapt the program to display the number to 3 decimal places. (Hint: The well-known printf works in Perl!)
  • Adapt the program to round up if the last decimal place is greater than 5
  • Adapt the program to display the number with leading zeros
  • Adapt the program to show a + sign if the number is positive, and check that it correctly displays a - sign if you subtract 1000 from the number.

my $divisionResult = 4000/7;
print "Result of 4000 divided by 7 is $divisionResult";


Write a function to calculate the roots of a Quadratic equation, where you give the coefficients a,b,c to the function, and it returns both the values of x

Putting it all togetherEdit

Put together these programs into one which:

  • Displays a title on screen
  • Creates 3 random numbers (a,b,c)
  • Displays those numbers neatly formatted
  • Uses those numbers as the coefficients of a quadratic equation, calculates and displays both roots.


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