Peacebuilding Manual

Drafted by OHW (Organization of Human Welfare), Afghanistan, as part of a peacebuilding project funded by Tawanmandi programe.

Peace dove symbol.
Peace dove symbol.
Peacebuilding Manual

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introducing the Peacebuilding Manual

Chapter 2: What is Peacebuilding?

Chapter 3: Need for a Peacebuilding Manual

Chapter 4: Purpose of a Peacebuilding Manual

Chapter 5: Challenges of Peacebuilding

Chapter 6: Key Principles for Building Peace

Chapter 7: Women's Role in Peacebuilding

Chapter 8: Understanding Conflict

Chapter 9: Major Causes of Conflicts

Chapter 10: Conflict Prevention

Chapter 11: Existing Mechanisms of Conflict Resolution

Chapter 12: Impact of Community Peacebuilding

Chapter 13: Building Local Capacities in long-term peacebuilding

Chapter 14: Key Steps for Peacebuilding