Comprisal of Human Pathology

This book is intended as a translation and continuation of the german Wikibook Pathologie. You are invited to help (it is fortunately not complicated, the technical terms and the facts are the same in English as in German. Exact translation is not necessary, write your own text, if you want).

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General Pathology

Adjustment Reactions
Cell and Tissue Damage
Exogenic Noxa

Systemic Pathology

Cardiovascular System

Heart - Vessels - Mediastinum

Respiratory System

Upper Airway Tract - Lower Airway Tract and Lungs - Pleura

Gastrointestinal System

Mouth and Oral Glands - Esophagus - Stomach - Intestine - Liver - Biliary Tract - Pancreas

Urogenital System

Kidneys - Ureters - Bladder - Urethra
Mammary Gland - Ovary - Uterus and Cervix - Vagina and Vulva - Gestation
Testes and Epididymis - Prostate - Penis

Endocrine System

Endocrine Glands


Central Nervous System - Neoplasms of the Nervous System - Vertebral Column and Spinal Cord - Peripheral Nervous System - Muscle

Locomotive System

Joints - Bone - Neoplasms of the Cartilage and Bone - Tendon Sheaths, Fasciae, and Connective Tissue


Skin and Adnexal Structures - Hereditary Skin Diseases - Autoimmune Skin Diseases with Blisters - Non-Heritable Connective Tissue Disorders of the Skin - Microbial Skin Diseases - Neoplasms of the Skin - Cutaneous Symptoms in Internal Diseases

Blood, Bone Marrow and Immune System

Hämatopoetic System - Lymphatic System - Hematology


Metabolic Disorders


Procedures of Tissue Preparation
Print version

Colonadenom, Histologie.

Morbus Hodgkin, Histologie.

Burkitt-Lymphom, Histologie.

Morbus Alzheimer, Histologie.
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