Past LSAT Explained/February 2007 LSAT

The February 2007 LSAT On most test forms, the experimental section appeared in Section 1 or Section 3. The difficulty of the test was equal to that of other recent exams.

Analytical Reasoning Edit

22 questions
The February games section as similar in difficulty to the December 2006 games section.

  • Game 1 Order with out column-5 questions (easy-medium)
  • Game 2 In-Out groups-6 questions (medium)
  • Game 3 Order with grouping-6 questions (easy-medium)
  • Game 4 Order with two tiers and distribution-5 questions (difficult)

Logical Reasoning Edit

25 and 26 questions
The 26-question section as harder than the 25-question section. The 26-question section had a run of difficult questions in the middle of the section that was balanced by some easier questions sprinkled in at the end. The 25-question section had a steadier progression of difficulty. The overall distribution of questions on the test was consistent with that of other recent exams.

Reading Comprehension Edit

27 questions
Somewhat easier than the RC sections that appeared on the June and October 2006 exams and more in keeping with the December RC section.

  • Passage 1 Humanities (easy)
  • Passage 2 Natural Science (medium-difficult)
  • Passage 3 Law (medium)
  • Passage 4 Social Science (medium-difficult)