Parrot Virtual Machine/Squaak Tutorial

This tutorial for the toy language "Squaak" was first presented on The tutorials have been released into the public domain by the author, and so have been adapted for use here on Wikibooks. The initial upload revisions for each of these pages are released into the public domain. Subsequent edits made to these pages are released under the GFDL.

File names used in these pages are relative to the Parrot source distribution. "PDD" are the Parrot Design Documents, a series of explanatory documents which are located in POD format in the Parrot repository, or on the website. For more information about downloading the Parrot repository, see the chapter on Building Parrot.

These pages have been changed as necessary to fit Wikibooks, and are being improved like any other book or module. If you appreciate this tutorial and would like to leave comments for its original author, you can do so at

Since this tutorial has been released, a number of changes have been made to the underlying tools: PCT, PGE, and NQP. Because of this, the code discussed in the tutorial might not be accurate and will likely not operate correctly anymore. These pages will be updated eventually to reflect these changes, but they are not currently up to date.