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Languages on Parrot edit

There are a number of programming languages being implemented on Parrot, some of which are nearing functional completion, some which are still in active development, and some which have been started but are now abandoned. Interested developers may want to help join in the development effort with some of these languages, adopt an abandoned language project, or start a new language project entirely.

As of the 1.0.0 release, all language implementations except toy and example languages will be developed and maintained outside of the central Parrot repository. Where available, locations to external project pages will be provided.

Language Projects edit

Rakudo (Perl 6) edit

Rakudo is the name of the Perl6 implementation on Parrot. This is not the only implementation of Perl6, however.

Rakudo development is test-driven. There is a gigantic suite of tests for the Perl6 language that have been developed over the years. The progress of the Rakudo interpreter is measured by the number of specification tests, or "spectests" that pass. There is not a straight-forward way to measure the percentage progress of the project, because the total number of tests is changing regularly as well.

Rakudo is under active development by several volunteers. Some developers have even received funding to work on Rakudo more regularly.

APL edit

Basic edit

abc edit

A basic calculator language.

Befunge edit

C99 edit

The implementation of the C programming language, following the C99 specification, has a number of purposes. C is a strongly-typed language, so it isn't necessarily the best candidate for implementation on the dynamically-typed Parrot. However, there are a number of benefits to the Parrot project to having a C parser available.

The C99 language parser is being used, at least in part, to help automate the process of generating NCI function signatures for new libraries and extensions. This is under active development by volunteers, some of which have been funded.

Cardinal (Ruby) edit

An implementation of Ruby

Chicken (Scheme) edit

ChitChat (SmallTalk) edit

Cola (Java) edit

Common Lisp edit

Eclectus (Scheme) edit

ECMAScript edit

Forth edit

Jako edit

A language derived from C and Perl

JSON edit

Kea Common Lisp edit

Lazy-K edit

Lolcode edit

Lua edit

Monkey (Lua) edit

M4 edit

Ook edit

Pheme (Scheme) edit

PIR edit

PJS (ECMAScript) edit

Pipp (PHP) edit

Pipp is a recursive acronym for Pipp is Parrot's PHP. This language implementation was previously named "Plumhead", shorthand for the name "Plum-headed Parakeet". Pipp is being maintained on github at pipp. The project seems halted: the website is down/missing and the last commit was at 2009-07-22.

Punie (Perl 1) edit

Pynie (Python) edit

Python edit

Scheme edit

Partcl (TCL) edit

ParTCL is the TCL compiler for Parrot. The ParTCL project lives at

Unlambda edit

URM edit

Zcode edit

Translator Projects edit

Projects to translate to or from Parrot Bytecode.

Resources edit

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