Parkour/Basic Moves/Tic Tac

Tic Tac

Steps edit

  • Take in a breath through your nose as you take a stride into this motion. Bring one leg up to the surface you are performing the tic tac off of. Think of this first step as pushing off of the apparatus rather than kicking off.
  • Let out a sharp and powerful breath through the mouth (it helps to make a "su" or "shu" sound to ensure that the breath comes from the abdomen) as you pounce off of the object. Twist your body out and upwards. Throw your arms in the direction you'd like to land and let your eyes guide you from there.

Variations edit

Variations include wall running and just a tac.

First, the wall run is basically the same as the tic tac but is done with only one wall and more than two steps (not that it should be numbered).

To execute it run at a wall head on or at an angle, then with your non-preferred foot kick up the wall. Quickly place your preferred foot onto the wall and push off or in the same direction as the first kick. This allows you either to continue the wall run or finish it. if you find that your dominant foot goes on the wall first, and your dominant foot is the one closest to the wall, you may want to lean more away from the wall, to give you the best chance of having more than one step. You may want to also take quicker steps to prevent slipping.

The tac is were you simply kick off a wall at an angle to get over an object or gap. of course this is simple but effective and can be used in combination with vault, catleap, etc.