Parkour/Basic Moves/Speed Vault

A traceur performing a Speed Vault

Steps edit

  • What makes a speed vault fast is the ability to take off of one foot and make one big stride over the obstacle. Begin by running toward the obstacle. As you approach it you want to reach out and aim your hand to the furthest end of it. Some people prefer to take off of their front leg and use that as their guiding leg, others prefer to take off of their back leg and swing the front leg up. (Picture 1 and Picture 2)
  • Throw your free arm up to guide your body over. Jump up sideways and swing your front leg over the top of the obstacle like you're jumping a long hurdle.(Picture 3)
  • Spot your landing on the other side and let your momentum carry you over the obstacle. The hand that is placed on the obstacle is there to make sure your body gets enough height. You can gently release this hand once over.

Land on the ball of your front foot as if you had just taken a really long running stride. Bend your knee to absorb the impact and immediately stride forward with the other leg to continue running.

This vault should almost feel like a fast sideways jump or a really long stride. The hand you grasp the obstacle with should have to do very little work and just be there as a guide. (Picture 4)

Variations edit

Sometimes a more controlled movement can be applied by bringing your free hand down behind you and grasping the obstacle. This motion should be used to change the direction of the body and add to a softer more stealthy landing. You can quickly stride into this movement just like a speed vault, but the exit becomes more compacted and can be very useful in tighter areas.