Parkour/Basic Moves/Lazy Vault

Gif animation of the Lazy Vault

Steps edit

  • As you approach the wall plant one hand down and use it to act as a support while your legs kick into position.
  • The furthest leg from the wall should kick up and over followed by the other leg. All the while, the hand that was planted initially should support the weight of your body.
  • As the legs clear the wall, your outer hand should be positioned and planted to take the full weight of your body, while the other hand should be freed to let go.
  • With a little push, the outer hand will propel you away from the obstacle and prepares you to spot your landing. The first leg in the air should be the first leg to land. (EG kick right leg up first, land on right leg first)
  • With your legs and body fully clear of the wall, the outer arm then lets go and a drop into landing is all that's required to finish the move.

Variations edit

This move can be done from varying heights. If done from major height, the trailing outer arm can be used to slow the decent down and control your landing.