Parkour/Basic Moves/Kash Vault

The Kash Vault is similar to the Monkey Vault and Dash Vault.

Steps edit

A Kash Vault is started the same as a Monkey Vault, with the traceur putting their hands on the wall or object in front of them, springing up and bringing their legs up to their chest in a tuck position. The Traceur then lets go of the object, kicks their legs out like in the dash vault and places their hands back on the object in order to push off and secure a safe landing although it isn't necessary to let go, the traceur may wish to keep their hands on the object at all times.

Note edit

It is often a good idea to attempt a Kash Vault in a similar area to a Double Kong Vault, with a big area to clear or with 2 objects close to each other than can be cleared in 1 vault.