Parkour/Basic Moves/Cat Leap

A Cat leap (aka Saut de bras )is a common technique in parkour in which a traceur cannot make a jump from one point to another with his or her feet, and therefore must run at the 2nd point (usually a wall), and grab the top with their hands while simultaneously preventing their body from slamming into the wall using their feet.

To execute a cat leap, run at the top of a wall. Your legs should be extended partially in front of you once airborne. Absorb the impact with your legs first, potentially bending your knees and landing on the balls of your feet. Once the feet touch, grab the top of the wall with your hands. The cat leap has been completed. You may either drop down, jump to another wall, or pop on top or over current wall.

Variations edit

In a variation of a cat leap, the body can either be partially on top of the wall (versus just the arms), or the feet may be slid down the wall, to further avoid impact.