Parkour/Advanced Moves/Double Kong Vault

The Double Kong Vault is ideal for Chest Height obstacles. It will give more height than the King Kong Vault because of the touch/jump. Using this you can get across two objects close next to each other.

Steps edit

  • Run up to an obstacle, jump so that your legs will rise up, making your body parallel to the ground, place both hands in the direction of the sight, viewing your intended touch point. (Picture 1)
  • Make your first touch, but be aware that this is shorter than the next touch because you have more forward momentum in the beginning. (Picture 2)
  • Still in the horizontal position, push off and beginning aiming for the next touch point. (Picture 3)
  • Put about 10% of your weight on the object as you touch it, and begin bringing your knees into your chest. (Picture 4)
  • With your knees close to your chest, push off to get a slightly more amount of forward momentum than a speed vault. Then bring your legs past your arms, preparing for landing. (Picture 5)

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