Parallel Spectral Numerical Methods/Style Guide and Contributors

Please follow the style guide. Changes to the guide should be proposed on the discussion page for agreement of consensus between contributors.

Style Guide edit

  • This books is written in American English.
  • While the book tries to be self-contained, references and links outside of wikibooks are encouraged for lengthy explanations, alternative explanations and papers.
  • The book is primarily about collocation methods.
  • Equations and figures that are referenced in the text should be labelled.
  • Each chapter of the book should have its own reference section.
  • Example programs are strongly recommended. The primary languages used thus far are Matlab, Python and Fortran; however additions in other languages such as UPC, C, C++, Chapel, OpenCL are welcome.
  • Equations, figures and example programs are numbered using templates which are documented here [[1]]. Equations are numbered with Hindu-Arabic European numerals, figures are numbered with Roman numerals and code is numbered with letters.

Contributors edit

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