This Wikibook begins with an introduction to the language and a series of lessons.

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Introduction Edit

  1. Contents Isi
  2. Frontpage Muaro Laman
  3. Why learn Palembang? Ngapo sinau baso Palembang?
  4. How to use the Palembang Wikibook Cakmano make Wikibuku Palembang

Lessons Edit

Basic Edit

This section describes the basics of the Palembang language. Mostly it discusses the most basic structure of the language. What you'll learn here will be clarified further in the later sections.

  1. Palembang alphabet '
  2. Greetings
  3. This and That Niki samo Niku
  4. Pronouns Kato tubu
  5. Simple Sentences '
  6. Numbers '
  7. Prepositions '