Packing & Moving Household Goods/Moving Insurance

Protect Your MoveEdit

No matter where you are moving to, insurance can help protect the things that you have worked so hard for over the years. Just like any other insurance policy, moving insurance takes a fee and then provides you cash payment if something is damaged while it is being moved.

Where to Buy Moving InsuranceEdit

There are a couple of different places that consumers can purchase moving insurance from. First is the moving company itself, which offers an insurance-like product called valuation. When you choose valuation instead of traditional insurance, you will be getting a set per pound amount for each pound of goods that is being shipped. Most companies offer a basic level of valuation coverage for free with the purchase of their services, but this is usually not enough to cover the value of the items being shipped. Consumers can, however, purchase additional coverage if they choose to.

Another place to get moving insurance is a traditional insurance company. Movers are not insurance companies, so their version of moving insurance is not actual insurance. When you choose a traditional policy, however, you will be dealing with actual insurance. These policies can be purchased separately or they can be added on to your homeowners policy. They cover the cost of each item individually rather than a per pound rate.

Things to ConsiderEdit

Purchasing moving insurance is a very important part of every move. It is important that consumers think about the worth of their goods and find out how much of each type of insurance would be needed to replace everything. By doing this, consumers can guarantee that they have enough coverage.