Packing & Moving Household Goods/Movers safety when moving

The very most important consideration for your moving task is Mover's Safety. The following are just a few moving safety tips to protect your moving helpers…

  • Always wear good waterproof shoes with firm slip resistant soles.
  • Make sure your path is clear and well lighted before carrying a load.
  • If possible, know where to put down a load before you even lift the load up.
  • Everyone watch for and signal others of uneven surfaces which could cause tripping and / or stumbling or could cause a load to dump from a dolly.
  • Never hurry when carrying a load. Take your time and if the load's heavy, set it down periodically and rest. Your strength will last longer with occasional rests.
  • When carrying big furniture using 2-3-4 men be sure you can hear one another and that you all speak the same language. Use simple, short commands that can be yelled to one another when visibility is restricted like pick and set and go and stop and backup!
  • Organize your work area to eliminate unnecessary redundant lifting or moving.
  • If walking over snow or ice or water or over a padded glossy hardwood floor take extra care to stay balanced and to not slip.
  • Keep children & pets out of the moving area.

Remember, we cannot emphasize it enough; Mover's Safety is the very most important consideration when moving yourself!