Packing & Moving Household Goods/Minimizing moving time spent on each moving task

Generally speaking there are all kinds of moving checklists to be found on the Internet. Most of these are concerned with finding a new residence, transferring bank accounts, notifying the post office of change of address, transferring schools for children, etc. These are very important and necessary things for you to plan for and do but they are not included here for now. We will be updating this section with that information in the near future but for now just do a Google search on the term "moving checklists" and you'll find plenty of them. We have elected to limit our moving checklist here to just tasks necessary for the transport of your household goods.

Some of the following entries may even be too much formal planning for a small move but these are still steps that will need to be taken.

The limited moving checklist categories that we suggest you make are;

  1. Setting Date of Move
  1. Setting Packing Date(s)
  1. Setting Disposal Date
  1. Establishing a List of Helpers and Dates that they will Help
  1. Who will Obtain Inexpensive Moving Materials
  1. Each Room - Sorting / Disposing / Packing Plan
  1. Researching and Date of Scheduling Handymen / Technicians
  1. Premove Planning for Furniture Disassembly / Reassembly / Padding
  1. Researching to Find and Reserve the Right Rental Truck
  1. Furniture Placement Planning for Destination

Sorting out household goods and disposing of unnecessary things and carefully packing or wrapping the things you are keeping, in advance of move day, expedites your move.

You can usually take your sweet time unpacking many things when you are done with the move.