PSP Development/Using PSCrypter

Tutorial AnalysisEdit

PSCrypter is a tool to use to sign a homebrew to make a PSP able to run an EBOOT.PBP normally, without the need for Custom Firmware (CFW). This program operates on the PSP. A connection cable, FTP application, or HTTP + Filesystem (with zip archive extraction) editor is necessary.


Download the program. Obtain it from filetrip PSCrypter Signs Homebrew.


Extract the files contained inside the zip to ms0:/PSP/GAME/PSCRYPTER - the PSP's memory stick. Installation of CFW may be necessary to run the program, but the program can be used later to ensure it is signed to be run without CFW.


Place the EBOOT.PBP folder inside the folder named 'signed', which will take in all EBOOT.PBP folders to be converted to signed. Once done, open the program and wait for it to finished. Once finished, the EBOOT.PBP files should be renamed EBOOT_signed.PBP. Rename it to EBOOT.PBP and remove the folder to ms0:/PSP/GAME/ to use it. This may take a while and drain battery fast.