PSP Development/Getting the Tools/PPSSPP

The PPSSPP emulator is the most developed emulator for PSP. Instead of constantly uploading EBOOT.PBP and files to a PSP device for testing, the emulator will allow to execute it fast, then, and there. PPSSPP is currently on many, many different platforms - even mobile.

Getting the SoftwareEdit

PPSSPP can be acquired for the target platform at the Download Section. If preferred to build from source, the development information page will have useful information to successfully build PPSSPP. The downloads page provides a cube test application at the bottom for assurance a build is working/successful.


PPSSPP works best when the executable is available in PATH. One way to do this is by adding a symbolic link from the executable to somewhere in PATH, perhaps somewhere in devkitPro, which allows custom naming of the link - keeping the executable's name from change. Alternatively, adding the root folder to the PATH environment variable will work.


  1. Create a new shortcut to the executable
  2. Name the shortcut ppsspp.lnk
  3. Place the shortcut in C:\devkitPro\devkitPSP\bin


  • Use the ln command, or
  • Download PPSSPP using a package manager, or
  • Add the folder to .bashrc
export PPSSPP="/opt/ppsspp"
export PATH=$PPSSPP/bin:$PATH