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Authors edit

  1. Karl Wick Citizen of the United States of America, and living there
    The initiator of this project is Karl Wick, who is finishing up his premed science courses at the Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio. At the time of this writing (7/15/03) I have been the sole contributor but as time goes on it will become a group project "of the people" as many contribute and improve it by bits and pieces.
  2. Justin Johnson Citizen of the United States of America, residing therein, born 1975
    Justin Johnson(JSJohnson) is a pre-medical undergraduate student at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. He first read this book in the summer of 2005, and began contributing to it in the spring of 2006.
  3. David Rose
    David Rose (Ghostal) is a chemical engineering undergraduate at Michigan Technological University. He began adding to this book in October, 2004.
    Patrick Holder (Lineweaver) is a PhD Graduate Student working for Matt Francis at UC-Berkeley in the Department of Chemistry. He began adding to this book in December, 2005.
  4. Zachary T. Tackett, Zach is a student at Marshall University majoring in bio-organic chemistry.
  5. Igoroisha
    Goh Liang Song (User:Gohliangsong) Citizen of the Republic of Singapore. He graduated from the National University of Singapore, majoring in Chemistry. He began adding to this book in August, 2006.
  6. Pete Davis Citizen of the United States of America. I joined this project in November 2006. There are few of us working on it at the moment. Feel free to join in.
  7. Ewen McLaughlin UK Citizen, living in Wales. I started adding bits here in February 2006. I'm a teacher, so I suppose I might be more help with how to present information than with the information itself.

And many anonymous Wikibook contributors.

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