Operations Strategy/Preface

Preface edit

What does the book aim? edit

The aim of this book is to provide readers with significant knowledge about the concept of strategy sphering around processes or the day-to-day operations a company undergoes to provide its clients with a product or service, be it a profit generating or a non-profit generating organization. With case studies and analysis of current business trends, the book provides the reader with an activity-based approach to management and related trends.

The content of this book tends to:

  • Be inspired by business studies oriented graduate school level coursework and books. References are provided where necessary.
  • Be practical and contains issue dealt with in original scenarios. It contains examples of actual operations in various companies and researches by students at various universities.
  • Deal with the more broader subject of Functional and Manufacturing strategy at times to illustrate the boundary within which Operations strategy resides.

Whom is this book meant for? edit

This book is currently undergoing development and at this phase serves no good a purpose. But, at the turn of its completion, the book promises to be helpful for business school students at any level. This book is set at a slightly higher level for most undergraduate students. Though, as more books come into the WikiBooks portal, recommended prerequisites will be linked to this page.