Openbravo POS/Left Menu

Overview edit

This page is dedicated to the menu on the left side of the screen when LibrePOS is running.

My idea is that each item has helpful information (including answers to forum questions) so do please add information or change layout as you see fit

There are three sections:

  • Principal
  • Administration
  • System

Principal edit

  • Sales
  • Edit Sales
  • Payments
  • Close Cash
  • Cash Closed

Administration edit

Stock edit

Maintenance edit

  • Product
  • Categories
  • Taxes
  • Stock Diary

Reports edit

  • Products
  • Catalog
  • Warehouses
  • Current inventory
  • Current inventory broken
  • Inventory diary
  • Sales
  • Configuration

System edit

  • Change Password
  • Local Properties
  • Printer
  • Exit