Openbravo POS/Introduction

LibrePOS is a point of sale system for retail trade. Supports ESC/POS ticket printers, customer displays and barcode scanners.

LibrePOS uses a relational database as its persistant storage. HSQLDB is used by default but MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL are also supported.

The system is internationalised and currently supports Spanish, English, German, Portuguese and Italian. Other languages can be added easily.

It allows for the creation of multiple user accounts. Accounts are assigned roles in order to determine their capabilities. You can have as many roles as you need, but the default ones are Administrator, Manager, User and Guest

The main application window is focused on the sales operation. The interface is designed to operate with a touchscreen so that a keyboard and mouse are not required for normal operation. On the other hand, it is possible to interact fully with the application using a keyboard and mouse without the use of a touchscreen.

The restaurant management features includes a visual display of tables which includes a visual cue to indicate which tables are occupied or free. It is easy to set up this layout to correspond to the physical layout of the restaurant.

There are administration options to manage users, set passwords and configure other aspects of the application.

There are management options to make closings, to manage products and to manage the organization of products into categories. It has reports and charts of products, closings and sales.

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