Openbravo POS/Developer guide

Contents edit

How to compile the stable version edit

  1. Download the most recent stable and source packages
  2. Download javacomm
  3. Uncompress the sources on a folder. From the binary distribution you only need the jars in /lib
  4. On Netbeans 5.5 create a new Java Application, uncheck the "create main class" option and give it a name
  5. Go to the project's properties.
    1. On sources add the 4 source folders (srcbeans, srcpos, srcerp, srcdata)
    2. On libraries add all the jars contained on the binary distribution plus javacomm with Add JAR/Folder
    3. On run set the main class to net.adrianromero.tpv.forms.JFrmTPV
  6. Build and compile