Open Standards/Multipurpose AC-Battery

A multipurpose AC-Battery is in fact a accumulator pack with electronics providing a selectable output voltage, even AC. It has a few variants in size (S, M, L) which fit on the same holder and connectors. Multipuppose AC-Battery packs are not bound to a special product. They can be used for e-Bikes, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, power tools, e-bikes, electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and much more. They can be directly charged via AC grid or solar power panels without the need of inverters.

Chapters in this specification:


This specification is under construction. You can participate in defining a real multipurpose thing.

Attention: This standards and the ideas inside are free for use. Nevertheless, check for intellectual property rights (patents) before commercial use. The "view history" tag is helpful in case of doubt what came first.