Open Source Psychology


The purpose of this wikibook is to provide psychologists (and other scientists) the resources and guidance necessary to produce quality research at minimal cost with or without traditional funding sources.

A term coined by Mental Health Author and Counselor Adam Lowery. On his blog and in his book The Cognitive Rampage, a dose of authentic revelation Adam attempt to reveal a master's degree in mental health counseling in a 180 page read. A read that offers a life changing experience. Adam refers to "Open Source Psychology" as he calls for all Practitioners to offer their tools and methods to the public and other practitioners to build on free of charge, subscription, donation or appointment. Closed source psychology refers to practitioners that chose to hoard and keep private their theories, methodology, research and approaches for individual use in practice only when some type of payment or exchange is made.

Open source psychology advances the human species. Closed source psychology is detrimental to the advancement of the human species mental processes.