Open Education Handbook/Assessing OER quality

Naturally there are concerns about the quality of OER because they are typically made available for free. Users may worry about the source of a resource; for example, whether the resource was created by a legitimate institution or knowledgable individual. Institutions may worry that releasing materials exposes flaws in teaching practices or materials. Many argue that the transparency of process will result in better quality resources than those developed in a closed environment.

Jisc infokit suggests the following criteria for assessment of quality:

  • Accuracy
  • Reputation of author/institution
  • Standard of technical production
  • Accessibility
  • Fitness for purpose

There is also a role for subject specialists (educators and librarians) in assessing the quality and suitability of a particular resource.

If a resource can be improved, it should be improved: and then re-released on an open licence so others can benefit from better quality OER.

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