OpenSCAD looks for and saves resources to various paths. This is an overview.

Env variables edit

  • HOME

Per platform roots edit

  • ResourcesPath
    • Posix:
    • Mac OS X:
      • Windows:
  • DocumentsPath
    • Posix: $HOME/.local/share
    • Mac OS X: [NSDocumentDirectory], typically $HOME/Documents
    • Windows XP: [CSIDL_PERSONAL], typically C:users\\username\documents\GitHub\OpenScad\
    • Windows Vista->: [CSIDL_PERSONAL], typically C:\users\username\documents\GitHub\OpenScad\
  • UserConfigPath
    • Posix: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/OpenSCAD or $HOME/.config/OpenSCAD
    • Mac: [NSApplicationSupportDirectory], typically $HOME/Library/Application Support/OpenSCAD
    • Windows: [CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA], typically C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data

Read-only Resources edit

  • libraries: [ResourcesPath]/libraries
  • fonts: [ResourcesPath]/fonts
  • render color schemes: [ResourcesPath]/color-schemes/render
  • editor color schemes: [ResourcesPath]/color-schemes/editor

User Resources edit

  • libraries: $OPENSCADPATH, [DocumentsPath]/OpenSCAD/libraries
  • fonts
  * $HOME/.fonts
  • render color schemes: [UserConfigPath]/color-schemes/render
  • editor color schemes: [UserConfigPath]/color-schemes/editor

Misc Resources edit

  • GUI preferences (Uses QSettings):
  * Posix: $HOME/.config/OpenSCAD.conf
  * Windows: Registry
  * Mac OS X: $HOME/Library/Preferences/org.openscad.OpenSCAD.plist
  • backups: [DocumentsPath]/OpenSCAD/backups

Reference edit

this chapter is based on written by the developer kintel