OpenClinica User Manual/Postgresql9

using Postgresql 9.x with OpenClinica edit

a word of warning edit

We must start with a word of warning: officially OpenClinica versions up to 3.5 only support postgresql 8.4.x! What follows is a fix for anyone who is in a situation where using postgresql 9.x is the only option, for whatever reason. In all other cases it is recommended to follow the official guidelines of OpenClinica.

known problems with postgresql 9.x edit

If you've installed OpenClinica with no further modifications and you are using PostgreSQL 9.x database as backend, you may experience problems with exports.

proposed solution edit

  • Remove postgresql-8.1-404.jdbc3.jar and ojdbc14-10g.jar from the WEB-INF/lib directory. Note: the latter is the Oracle JDBC driver, it shouldn't be there either.
  • Download the latest PostgreSQL driver from As pointed out on that page, pick the JDBC4 driver if you are on Java 6, or the JDBC41 driver if you are on Java 7 or 8.
  • Copy the JAR file into Tomcat's lib directory, $TOMCAT_BASE/lib (and not the application's WEB-INF/lib).