OpenClinica User Manual/DeleteRowInRepeatingGroup

Delete a row in Repeating Groups


Since OpenClinica 3.1 it isn't possible to delete entries/rows from a Repeating Group once it was saved. The following cite is from the OpenClinica User mailinglist[1]

Once data has been entered in a repeating group, the row can never be removed from the UI. 
The user must physically remove the values from each of the fields in the repeating group, and provide a reason 
for change if that configuration is set for the study.

Based on user feedback with the previous implementation of repeating groups and reason for change we believed 
this would be the best course of action. In the future, we might allow the X button again but put a simple 
strike-through the row rather than hiding it from view like we did in versions 3.0.x and earlier.

(2012-04-12) More detail on this change and the rationale for it has recently been added to the 'Entering Data for an Event Into CRFs' chapter of the user guide.