OpenClinica User Manual/AnErrorHasOccured

Explanation edit

If an error occurs while using OpenClinica® you will be shown the OpenClinica® Generic Error Page. The page contains no informations about the exact error. Further Investigations have to be done to find out what caused this error and to get help by others (users, support, etc.). Providing this page or the page text to others isn't enough.

Generic Error Page edit

OpenClinica: An error has occurred

An error has occurred in the application. This can be for a number of reasons, not all of them might have to do with the actual Web application. If there are any messages above this text, please cut and paste them into any email you send about the issue.

If there are no messages, you might try clicking on the links in the header, and see what happens. This might reinitialize your connection with the database. Or click here to take you back where you came from.

In any event, if you cant get back to a working page, please contact OpenClinica LLC (if you have a support contract) or the mailing lists. Please be sure to include

  • what you were doing when it happened
  • and any other details (like error messages) that might be important.

Further Investigation edit

To find out what caused the error start with the OpenClinica®/Tomcat log files (e.g. openclinica*.log, localhost*.log, catalina*.log). Contact your technical support or administrator if you don't know where to find these files. If you need help investigating contact the OpenClinica® forum and provide the relevant log files.

Log File Locations edit

The log file location depends on the used operating system. Below is a list with typical locations for different systems.

Ubuntu edit

/var/lib/tomcat6/logs/ or /var/log/tomcat6/

RedHat edit

/var/lib/tomcat6/logs/ or /var/log/tomcat6/