Old School RuneScape/Quests/Witch's Potion

Description: Become one with your darker side. Tap into your hidden depths of magical potential by making a potion with the help of Hetty the Rimmington witch.

Starting Point: Talk to Hetty in her house in Rimmington, south of Falador and west of Port Sarim.

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Short

Requirements: None

Items needed: A rat's tail, burnt meat, an eye of newt, an onion, and 10 gp.

Talk to Hetty and tell her you want to know more about the black arts. She will tell you she needs four ingredients you have to get. You need to get a rat's tail, burnt meat, an eye of newt, and an onion.

Rat's Tail: You need to start the quest to get rat's tails. Just kill a rat and it will drop a tail.

Burnt Meat: If your cooking is low, just pick up the meat cows drop and cook it. Since your level is low, you'll burn more often. So once you've burnt a piece of meat, continue on. If your cooking is too high, cook a piece of meat on a range, and then use the cooked piece of meat again on the range to burn it. You can only use the meat dropped from cows, giant rats, and bears for this quest.

Eye of Newt: You can buy an eye of newt from the magic shop in Port Sarim, it is labelled with a small fire on your map.

Onion: Onions can be found north west of Rimmington. Just grab one.

When you have all these items, talk to Hetty. She'll put them in her cauldron and tell you to drink from it. Drink from the cauldron to complete the quest.

Reward: 1 Quest Point and 375 magic experience.