Old School RuneScape/Quests/Sheep Shearer

Description: Farmer Fred's sheep are getting mighty woolly. He will pay you to shear them.

Starting Point: Northwest of Lumbridge, there is a person named Farmer Fred inside the house surrounded with chickens. Go inside and talk to him.

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Short

Requirements: None

Items Needed: Shears

First of all, buy some shears from the General Store. Next, head to Farmer Fred and talk to him. Tell him you're looking for a quest. He will give you one, which will be to get him 20 balls of wool. Leave his house and go south a a bit and enter the sheep pen. In here, there will be sheep roaming around. You have to use your shears with the sheep. Sheep with wool will look puffy, and sheep without wool will look skinny. If a sheep has no wool, wait a few minutes and wool will appear on them. They will run away sometimes, but keep trying and you should get wool from them.

Once you have 20 pieces of wool, you must now spin them into balls of wool. Go to Lumbridge Castle to the second floor. In one of the rooms is a spinning wheel. Click on it and spin the 20 pieces of wool you have. When they are all balls of wool, go back to Farmer Fred to finish the quest.

Reward: 1 Quest Point, 60 gp, and 150 crafting experience.