Old School RuneScape/Quests/Recruitment Drive

This quest allows the player to become a member of the Temple Knights of Falador and lets them purchase Initiate armor (consisting of a full helmet, platebody, and platelegs) from Sir Tiffy (put together the armor gives a +14 Prayer bonus). All you have to do in order to join is withstand a series of tests. If at any point you fail a test you will have to start all over again. It is recommended for you people with male characters that you start the quest and then go see a Makeover Mage and turn into a girl. Start the quest before doing this though (if you do you'll get a refund for the 3k at the end, if you do it before starting the quest you won't).



Once you talk to Sir Tiffy to start the trials you will be teleported to a room, once you are done, use the exit portal on the opposite side of the room to go on to the next challenge and keep going like this. Which challenges you get and in what order they are is random. If you fail and start over you will get different challenges as the last time. In every room there will be an NPC who will tell you what to do.

1. Riddles - There are two kinds of riddle rooms, in one you actually have to think, in the other one you just look at the first letter of every sentence for the answer.

2. Patience - Just stand there and do absolutely nothing after the person is done talking to you, after a while they will say you passed.

3. Missing Statues - Right after you enter, let the NPC keep on talking without pressing continue. You get 10 seconds if you didn't press continue. Look around the room at the random statues, there is bronze, silver, and gold. Look which color has 3 statues instead of 4. Now look at the weapons the other colors (the complete sets) are holding, determine which weapon is missing in your 3 statue color. Remember the color and the weapon, press continue and the room will go dark. Now walk to the statue that was missing and touch it to pass.

4. Grain, Chicken, and Fox - The old riddle: get all of them across the bridge without the chicken eating the grain or the fox eating the chicken while you can only carry one at a time. Click on them to pick them up, walk across the bridge, open up your equipment menu and click on them in your weapons slot to drop them. Now for the order: take the chicken across first and drop it on the other side, go back and take the wolf across and on the return trip take the chicken back with you, drop the chicken and pick up the grain, bring the grain to the other side and drop it, now go back and take the chicken across and you're done.

5. Combat Test - Remember when I said start the quest and turn yourself into a girl before doing the trials? If you didn't listen, too bad you fail this one and now you have to start all over. The warrior will say before the fight "No MAN can defeat me" (Lord of the Rings anyone?). And just like in the book, only a girl can win. Guys can do damage but not deal the final blow. He's really easy to beat.

6. Alchemy - The longest puzzle to solve, first go around the room and search every single crate, book, and box you can find, you will need all of it. Then ask for help from the NPC, search the bookcase again for an alchemy book. To do this: [1] take the spade off the table [2] use the spade with the bunsen burner [3] use the metal part of the spade with the stone door in the back of the room [4] use the cupric sulfate, sodium chloride, acetic acid, and a vial of liquid on the stone door to open it [5] use the gypsum with the tin (looks like a cake tin) [6] use a vial of liquid with the tin [7] use the tin with gypsum and liquid in it with the key stuck on the floor [8] use the tin ore powders and the cuplric ore powder on the tin [9] use the tin on the bunsen burner [10] use a bronze wire with the tin to get the key for the wooden door.