Old School RuneScape/Quests/Nature Spirit

The Priest in Peril and The Restless Ghost quests are required. Players are advised to take care in the swamp as ghasts do damage, drain prayer points, and rot food. It is also advised to have the amulet of ghostspeak on at all times.

This quest allows access to Mort Myre swamp and the Nature Spirit alter in the swamp, this alter is very useful as it is very close to the Barrows where prayer points are needed and the alter gives a +2 bonus to prayer points. Players also get access to druid pouches (explained during the quest) which allow them to kill ghasts, and blessed silver sickles which prevent the swamp from causing damage. Ghasts give 30 prayer exp when killed and if a player carries the silver sickle and some pouches Mort Myre becomes a lot less dangerous.