Old School RuneScape/Quests/Monk's Friend

In this quest you have to help a monk find a blanket for his son. The monks cannot sleep because of the baby is crying because he doesn't have his blanket. You have to find the blanket to receive a small reward. The blank is located at an underground hideout for thieves. You will have to find the hideout to get the blanket. To find the hide out, you must go near the clock tower near the river near the city of Ardoughne. You will see a circle of stones. When you step in the circle, a ladder will appear. Go down the ladder. Look around for a table with a blanket on it and take it. Return to the monk and give him the blanket. You will receive 8 law ruins, some exp in a skill(I don't know what skill, i forget)and a small party(balloons will fall out of no where, you may pop them like at party petes party hall but there is nothing in them.)