Old School RuneScape/Quests/Lost City

The Lost City Quest is one of the most important quests for members in the MMORPG Old School RuneScape, as it allows the wielding of the first Dragon weapons, Dragon Daggers (can be poisoned to create poisonous daggers), and Dragon Longswords.

The quest is quite easy in comparison to other quests which allow players to wield new dragon weapons (for example, Monkey Madness or Heroes Quest.

Difficulty: Experienced

Length: short

Requirements: Level 31 Crafting Level 36 Woodcutting Must destroy a level 101 spirit

Reward: Access to the lost city of Zanaris and the ability to wield the Dragon longsword and Dragon dagger.

1.Head to the Draynor forests where some experienced warriors are gathered around by a camp fire (just a bit south west from Lumbridge).

2.They won't respond to you except the warrior. Talk to him and fool him into telling you what he and his party are after.

3.He says that they are after some leprechaun a bit north west of all those guys (by a pot spawn). Go west to a tree that say "Chop tree" instead of "Chop down tree". When you cut this tree with your axe, Shamus (the leprechaun)will come out. Talk to him to ask him how to find Zanaris.

4.Prepare for a easy or hard fight (depends on your approach) bring these recommended items: The items you choose from the list depend on your preferred mode of combat: if you wish to melee this spirit, take a silver bar and a sickle mold with you and make a silver sickle on entrana to fight with. (Woohoo that sounds like fun!) for magic: Bolt magic attacks work well. Take some potions (especially prayer and/or a super potion set), depending on your approach. Glory amulet helps some (editor note: I think glory ammy is no longer permitted on Entrana), and of course take good food. If you can fletch a bow, bring the items needed to make one (bowstring, unfinished bow) and also unfinished arrows (arrow shafts with feathers attached or separate, arrow heads that you can fletch with) and put together your ranging equipment once you get there. Since the only way out of the dungeon is through level 31 Wilderness or by teleporting, you may want to bring teleport runes or teleport jewelry (Glory ammy (if allowed), Dueling ring or Games necklace.)

5. Deposit all your weapons and such in the bank except for what I listed. Then head to Port Sarim and talk to the Monks of Entrana. They'll search you and if they find something try to think what it is and go deposit it. Permitted items include runes, arrows (may need to be unfinished), bowstring, unfinished bow, jewelry, potions, capes (some capes, like legends cape, not permitted on Entrana), robes, prayer books, boots, hats, and a knife for fletching. You can craft leather or dragonhide armor on the island if you bring the basic items with you. Once you get to the island go north east to the little bridge and then head west to the dead trees and cave monk. Talk to the monk. Note that once you descend, YOU CAN'T GO BACK UP THE LADDER, so plan to take a teleport out, use teleport jewelry, or risk coming out at level 31 wilderness. It's usually not too risky on a less crowded world.

Go down the ladder and kill some zombies (level 25) until you get a bronze axe. Put your equipment together and equip it if you haven't already. Then run past the greater demons (lvl 92). (If you have a high level friend you could have him kill greeters for a better weapon, but you still need an axe anyway.)

After running past the greeters, look for a big dramen tree with blue swirls in it. If you can't find the dramen tree... well I really hope you can, otherwise go let a greater kill you, lol.

Attempt to cut down the dramen tree. The level 101 Tree spirit will pop out, yell "You must defeat me before you can chop the tree!", and attack you. If you are alone, use some magic attacks if you do not have level 43 prayer, while eating also. (You can also bring materials to make weapons or bows with you.) Many people state that it is possible to safely range the Tree spirit from behind a stand of mushrooms. (Edit: Once you're in the right spot behind the mushrooms, I found it was easy to finish off the spirit with fire bolt. This is the attack I recommend. (and agree with the person below) Range may also work well.) If you start to panic because of low hp, RUN around and try to get the tree between you and the spirit.

(Low Levels Help)

So maybe your only a level 50 guy with at least lvl 17 mage?

In order to do the lost city quest, You need 50 chaos runes and 100 air runes.

When the lvl 101 tree spirit comes out, Its hard to find a place to hide with good defense, You may think mushrooms, But how about the other side?

Look at the picture below, IF you mage, This is the BEST place to hide:

If you have a friend, have him/her stand between you and the spirit while merrily raining down magic attacks on the spirit's head, and you can also range/mage the tree spirit from behind the fungus. Sometimes the spirit can go through your friend for some weird reason. If this happens resort to the second half of Step 8.

(Something that also helps is bringing a high level friend in with you. Try killing most of the spirit and if your friends want to, let them kill the rest of it for you. Then it will die and you can get the branches.)

Once you have defeated the spirit (Congratulations), chop the tree as many times as you want to get branches that will fill your inventory (probably 5 or so is fine, unless you plan to die many times with the staff).

Now teleport out or go into the greater room to use the magic door that leads to the wildy. In either case, get a knife and use it on your branches to make Dramen staffs (do this after getting somewhere safe).

Head east of the starting location in the Lumbridge swamp, wind your way through the swamp till you find a little building (there is farming equipment just inside the door). Wield your Dramen staff and walk in.