Old School RuneScape/Quests/Goblin Diplomacy

Description: There's a disturbance in the goblin village. Help the goblins solve their dispute so the world doesn't have to worry about rioting goblins.

Starting Point: Port Sarim, speak to the bartender and ask him why he doesn't have many customers.

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Medium

Requirements: None

Items needed: 3 goblin mails, 60 gp, 3 redberries, 2 onions, and 2 woad leaves.

To make this quest much easier, obtain all the materials.

Get the three goblin mails by killing goblins, located around Lubmridge and at their village north of Falador.

Redberries are located south of Varrock and east of the dark wizards. Grab three of them.

Onions can be found near Rimmington, the village south of Falador, and behind Farmer Fred's farm. Grab two onions.

To get woad leaves, you first have to talk to Aggie, the witch in Draynor who makes dyes for you. Ask her to make blue dyes, and she will tell you that you need to have two woad leaves. Ask her where to get them, and she will tell you that you can get them from Wyson, who is located in Falador's park. Go to Falador's park and talk to Wyson and ask for some woad leaves. He will ask you to suggest a price. If you offer him 20 gp, he'll give you two, but if you offer 15 he'll only give you one. So get two from him and continue on.

Next, talk to Aggie the witch in Draynor, and ask her to make dyes for you. With your materials, she can make a red dye, a yellow dye, and a blue dye. When you have these dyes, go to Goblin Village, located north of Falador, past Doric's anvils.

In Goblin Village, the two goblin generals with two different coloured mails are arguing over which goblin mail color is better. Talk to one of them and offer to help them. They will want an orange mail. So, with your yellow and red dye, mix them together to make an orange dye, and then use the dye with one of the three mails. Talk to the goblins again, and they won't like it and will ask for another color. They want a blue mail. Use your blue dye with one of the two mails left and then talk to them again. Again, they won't like the color and will ask for a brown mail. This was the original color, so just talk to them and they will grab the one mail left in your inventory. They will like it's color and will agree on using it. When you have finished this, you will have completed the quest.

Reward: 5 Quest Points, a gold bar, and 200 crafting experience.