Old School RuneScape/Quests/Family Crest

This quest will have you catching and cooking fish as well as fighting dangerous enemies. You have to collect 3 pieces of a family crest from 3 sons and return them to the father, who is hoping to reunite his scattered family. One son (cook in Catherby) will require you to catch and cook several different kinds of fish for him. Another (man at the Scorpion Pit mine by Al Kharid) wants some perfect jewelry to impress a certain girl. Oh by the way, the perfect gold needed for this can only be mined next to a couple of Hellhounds (level 100 something). They shouldn't be too much of a problem though, on a busy world someone will generally be using them for range training and get them out of your hair. The third son wants you to beat a demon for him. The demon in question is found in low level Wilderness in the Edgeville dungeon and can only be killed after all of the four blast spells are cast on him first.

The main reward from this quest are a pair of steel gauntlets given to you by the father. Any of the sons will enhance the gauntlets with special properties, if you change your mind, they will re-enhance the gauntlets for a fee. The son in Catherby will give you cooking gauntlets, these are the firm favorite, they will make you burn fish less often and you will stop burning fish 10 cooking levels lower than you normally would (you stop burning sharks at level 95 cooking with these gauntlets). The son at the Scorpion Pit will give you goldsmithing gauntlets, giving you twice the normal experience when you smith gold bars. The demon-hunting son will give you chaos gauntlets, which increase your max hit with the blast spells and gives you extra exp when you cast them.