Old School RuneScape/Quests/Druidic Ritual

This quest is needed to unlock the Herblore skill. Players can start the quest by talking to Kaqemeex the druid at the stone circle north of Taverley. Sanfew will later inform the player they will need to dip 4 different kinds of meat (uncooked) into the Cauldron of Thunder. Acceptable meats are: rat, rabbit, bear, chicken, and cow (beef). The Cauldron of Thunder is located in Taverley Dungeon, after going down the ladder follow the path and open the door guarded by two suits or armor which may attack you. The Cauldron is in the middle of the room behind the door. Use the raw meats on the Cauldron and head back to Sanfew, then go to Kaqemeex to end the quest and receive 250 Herblore exp.