Old School RuneScape/Quests/Doric's Quest

Description: Doric the dwarf is happy to let you use his anvils but first he would like you to run an errand for him.

Starting Point: The small house north of Falador with anvils inside. Once inside, talk with Doric.

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Short

Requirements: 15 mining if you want to mine the iron.

Items needed: A pick axe if you want to mine the ores. Money if you want to buy the ores.

Doric will tell you he needs some materials for his amulets. He wants you to get him 6 lumps of clay, 4 copper ores, and 2 iron ores. Since the Dwarven Mine is nearby, head there. Go east and then north to find a path onto the mountain. On the mountain, walk south and look for a ladder around buildings and dwarves. Climb down the ladder to enter the Dwarven Mines.

To your east, there is a path. Go down it to see a dwarf you can trade. He sell ores. You can buy the ores needed here if they are in stock. If not, you will have to either mine the ores yourself or buy them from other players. When you come down the ladder, just go south to see a group of rocks. Iron, copper, and tin rocks will be there. If you explore the mines further and prospect rocks, you should come upon clay rocks.

When you have all the ores needed, return to Doric to finish the quest.

Reward: 180 coins, 1300 mining experience, and the ability to use Doric's anvils.