October 7th Massacre/Preface

On Saturday, October 7th, 2023, Hamas together with other terrorist organizations launched a surprise attack from Gaza. The attack started with the launch of at least 3,000 rockets to Israel, as well as incursions[1]. Hamas breached the Gaza-Israel barrier and massacred 1,139 people[2][3]: 695 Israeli civilians (including 36 children), 71 foreign nationals, and 373 members of the security forces[4]. 250 Israeli civilians and hostages were taken, including women and children.[5][6] There is also evidence of sexual assaults.[7][8]

Bloodstains on a house in Be'eri after the October 7th Massacre
A burnt residential building in Be’eri after the Massacre

The day, which was labeled as the Black Saturday (Hebrew: השבת השחורה) [9]or the Simchat Torah Massacre (הטבח בשמחת תורה)[10], was labeled as the bloodiest in Israeli history, and the deadliest for the Jews since the Holocaust.[11]

According to several international law and genocide studies experts, Hamas's assault amounted to genocide.[12][13][14] Legal and genocide experts have condemned the attack,[15][16] saying it represents a serious violation of international law. They argue that Hamas carried out these actions with the intent to destroy the Israeli national group.[14][13][17][12] Some commentators point to Hamas's founding charter, which advocates for the destruction of Israel, contains antisemitic language, and, according to certain researchers, implies a call for the genocide of Jews. This has led to suggestions that the 7 October attacks were an effort to fulfill this agenda.[18][19][20][21]

This wikibook is intended to summarize the events that happened during the Black Friday in the communities impacted by this attack.


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