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Occupational Health/Occupational Hygiene

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Recognition of HazardsEdit

Chemical AgentsEdit

Biological AgentsEdit

Physical AgentsEdit



Ionising RadiationEdit

Non-ionising RadiationEdit


Evaluation of RiskEdit

Qualitative Risk AssessmentEdit

Quantitative Risk AssessmentEdit

Exposure LimitsEdit

Exposure AssessmentEdit

Measurement of ExposureEdit

Air MonitoringEdit

Aerosols, Dusts & Fume; Gases & Vapours; Pumped Sampling Methods; Diffusive Sampling Methods; Direct Reading Instrumentation; Sampling Strategies; Statistical Methods in Exposure Monitoring;

Noise MonitoringEdit

Sound Pressure Level Mapping; Dosimetry; Octave Band Analysis; high noise level induces the hearing loss and continues working in same condition makes person to irritating

Vibration MonitoringEdit

Ionising Radiation MonitoringEdit

Electromagnetic Field Strength MonitoringEdit

Biological MonitoringEdit

Health SurveillanceEdit


Hierarchy of ControlEdit



Total EnclosureEdit

Systems of workEdit

Partial enclosure with Local Exhaust VentilationEdit

Local Exhaust VentilationEdit

General VentilationEdit

Reduction in numbers of employees duration & frequency of exposureEdit

Workplace HygieneEdit

Safe storage and disposal of materialsEdit

Provision of PPEEdit

Respiratory Protection; Respirator Fit Testing; Qualitative Fit Test; Qualitative Fit Test (Particulate; Pressure Drop) Hearing Protection; Skin Protection; Gloves; Skin Protection Programmes;

Prohibition of Eating, Drinking & Smoking in designated areasEdit

Washing, changing and storage of clothingEdit

Maintenance and Testing of Control MeasuresEdit

Information, Instruction and TrainingEdit

Professional BodiesEdit





=== IOHA ===IOHA

National & International AgenciesEdit

World Health OrganisationEdit

International Labour OrganisationEdit

International Agency on Research in CancerEdit

European UnionEdit

Health & Safety Executive (UK)Edit

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (US)Edit

National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (US)Edit

Occupational Hygiene EducationEdit

Graduate EducationEdit

Post Graduate EducationEdit

DIPLOMA IN OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH---D.O.H In INDIA ,there is a course "Diploma in Industrial Health- (DIH)" which is a post graduate 2 full years course only for medical graduates. this course is recognised Medical council of India (MCI).Recently the name has been changed from Industrial to occupational. (Diploma in Occupational health- DOH).Presently this course is conducted by west bengal university of health sciences (WBUHS [1]) in All india institute of hygiene and public health (AIIH&PH) in KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL INDIA.

Vocational EducationEdit

Continuing Professional DevelopmentEdit

Occupational Hygiene EthicsEdit